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Safe Routes Champion of the Month

Leticia Gonzales

Suisun City Police Department

School Safety Traffic Officer

Leti Gonzales

We recently interviewed Leticia Gonzales, School Safety Traffic Officer for the Suisun City Police Department. Officer Gonzales shared her experiences working at the schools and talked about her involvement in the SR2S program.

You scheduled a Bike Rodeo and the Bike Mobile on the same day at Crescent Elementary. What was your experience at this event and how do you think it impacted the students and school community?

I think it impacted the whole community itself because a lot of people who came were adults looking to get their bikes fixed by Bay Area Bike Mobile. We had a lot of attendees who were either from Crescent or they were also friends or family from another school, so I think it was pretty cool. Parents were with their kids and it just made it more fun having both events at the same time.

Having experienced traffic and safety issues at Suisun City schools, can you give some practical tips to parents to help lessen these issues?

Just follow the signs. Don’t park in the bus zone if it says "No Parking". If it’s a red curb, don’t park there.If it’s yellow, it’s loading only. Drivers need to keep in mind that it’s not only them driving; there are hundreds of other cars trying to pull up in the same spots. The faster they load, the faster traffic flows. One of the biggest problems is that kids are chatting with their friends and not paying attention. All students should pay attention and as soon as they see their car, load in and move on.

What are some takeaways from working with the Safe Routes to School program?

I think it’s the relationships that were made with the students as well as building better relationships with our community. It’s not only about citing them for safety and traffic violations, but the students also see us at school talking with them, teaching them some stuff, and giving them helmets. It shows that we care about them.

What do you want to accomplish during the 2017-18 school year?

I want to focus on starting a Walking School Bus at all four Suisun City schools. The traffic is always going to be there and there’s always going to be violations, but if we get the students to start walking or biking to school then we won’t have that problem.

Leti and Suisun Elementary students during lunch time.

Here's Leti showing the students how to get it done at the Bike Rodeo / Bay Area Bike Mobile event at Crescent Elementary.

From our SR2S Travel Surveys - Leti was able to present this Amazon gift card to the winning teacher!