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Suggested Safe Routes Maps

 Maps with suggested walking and biking routes to school are available for every school in Solano County. The maps show the safest routes for walking and biking by taking into account the presence of stop signs and traffic lights and the location and condition of sidewalks. To find these maps, look for the “School Districts” drop down menu under the “Maps” tab then select your city and school.

The maps are available to encourage parents to walk or bike with their children to school more often. Showing the safest routes to school can help parents to "think outside the car" and reap the many benefits of walking and biking – healthier children, cleaner air and reduced traffic around schools. And moving on foot or by bike can be just as fast and convenient than sitting in a long line of vehicles during drop off and pick up times.

What the Maps Have to Offer:

Park and Walk Locations - Live too far from school to walk or bike? Look for the identified “Park and Walk” locations where you can park a short distance from the school and safely walk with (or drop off) your child along one of the suggested routes. Walking even a short distance can provide quality exercise and time with your child while helping relieve congestion at the school.

Walking School Bus Routes - Not able to walk your child to school every day, or interested in walking together with neighbors? Use the suggested route maps to help organize a Walking School Bus where parents can take turns walking to school with their kids. To see if your school has an exisitng Walking School Bus or to suggest a Walking School Bus route or meet up spot, use the Google Map Tool.


How to Use the Google Map Tool 

The Google Map Tool allows you to find, use and comment on the suggested route maps and shows Walking School Bus routes and information. You can suggest other routes to school or bring to our attention barriers or concerns along your route. You can also suggest a Walking School Bus route or find specific meet up spots.

 1.       Select Your District and School

Find the starting location of your route by typing in your address or closest intersection and clicking “Find”. Then select your district from the list. Then pick your school from the dropdown menu. The map will automatically zoom to these locations and you can move on to Step #2.

2.       Find Routes

At this step:

-  Suggested walking and biking routes to school are highlighted in purple.

-  Active Walking School Bus routes and meet up spots for your school (if any) are highlighted in orange. An orange bus icon gives information on the Walking School Bus.

-  Suggested “Park and Walk” locations will be shown with an icon. 

 You can print the screen or click on the "View PDF Map" button for a PDF version with additional information. 

Want to suggest new routes or make other comments? Proceed to Step 3 or 4.

3.       Suggest (Draw) New Routes

If you want to suggest an alternate route you use or to suggest a potential Walking School Bus route, use this step.

Make sure you have the map positioned in the location you’d like to suggest a route, and click on the “Draw Route” button. You are now ready to draw your route on the map.

First, click once at your starting location. Indicate (draw) your route by clicking once at each point along the route, including turns. If you need to extend your route off the map, simply click and hold your mouse to drag the screen where you need to go. Double click on your last point and you can either save your route or erase it to draw the route again.

Once you’ve drawn your route, tell us about it (a pop-up screen will appear).  Is this a route you want to take or a route you already use?  Is this a route you walk , bike or drive?  Click the “done” button to save your route information and move on to Step 4 or 5.

4.       Comment on Your Route

Do you have specific concerns or are there barriers on the route you take now? Do you want to comment on a route you would like to take if it were improved?  Tell us about the sidewalks, streets, intersections, and what's neded to make your route to school safer. Would this route make a good Walking School Bus route or meeting spot?  When done, you can move on to Step 5 to submit your comments.

5.       Review, Submit, You’re Done!

Look over your map. Did you draw the correct route and provide us with comments? If so, hit the "submit" button.

Before submitting, provide your email address to get notified when map updates become available, or if you would like a response to your comments.  Your email is confidential and is not shared with anyone else.  Thank you for your comments!